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Village Hall Refurbishment

Phase 1 2009

After several years of fund raising, seeking advice and planning, the Village Hall renovations began in June 2009. The first work to be undertaken was the chemical damp course, needed because water was seeping into the fabric of the building and causing wet rot. A significant section of panelling had already been destroyed. The work was undertaken by a company called Heritage Preservation, they also installed new air bricks to improve under floor ventilation, which should reduce the likelihood of future damp problems.
Work then started on the windows. Five windows were replaced to the original design by Jewell Joinery. The rest were repaired and repainted by Brian Howell.
The rotten flat roof on the extension was replaced by A R F Services. P Kerrane Builders undertook conversion of the two rooms on either side of the entrance corridor. The old cubicles were removed, walls and ceilings were replastered and repainted. A unisex disabled toilet was installed in the room on the left hand side.
Renovation of the main hall then began. Graham Dicker was appointed to remove the old false ceiling and to restore it to the original Victorian arch. With Brian working alongside, they repaired holes, insulated, plastered and painted the beautiful ceiling now on view. The beams were treated and with advice from Will Fisher, Brian repaired the crack over the entrance door. The new open aspect reveals the impressive arched windows on the entrance wall, along with the school bell and wooden louvers which Brian has repaired and restored to working condition.
Mike the electrician completed a range of essential tasks including installing new safety lights, spot lights and three central chandeliers.

Phase 2

Phase 3

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